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High Standards of Cleanliness

Hiring a cleaner to attend washrooms on a daily basis is great for promoting good hygiene, but they may not have the time or chemicals to give them a deep clean.

Over time uric salt or faeces can build up on areas of sanitary ware, which can cause bad malodour, blockages and harbour harmful bacteria.

Receiving a one off or planned maintenance programme from Quality Cleaning Company will ensure that washrooms are kept to the highest standards of cleanliness in order to prevent cross contamination and bacteria growth - in turn, promoting and increasing the reputation of your company.

Washrooms will benefit from cleans on all sanitary ware, floors and ceilings, which will all be thoroughly descaled and sanitised the leave the area as clean as possible.


Reasons to choose QCC

  •   One off or planned cleans
  •   Eliminate one day sickness bugs with improved hygiene
  •   Deeply clean neglected areas
  •   Happier and healthier working environment
  •   Protect employees from harmful bacteria
  •   Reduce the risk of blockages and bad odours
  •   Experience staff with the right chemicals for the job

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