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Catering Hygiene - A Deep Clean Service

Busy commercial kitchens don’t have the time to carry out a thorough, deep clean service, and although a kitchen may look clean, if a deep clean hasn’t been carried out then it isn’t.

Quality Cleaning Company’s experienced staff are all trained and certified to use harmful acids and alkaline which can remove heavy carbon, grease and dirt, reducing the risk of food poisoning, pest infestation and fire, as well as leaving the kitchen as clean as possible.

The team can remove all traces of grease from ventilation systems, remove stubborn and encrusted carbon and grease from hot equipment which can be damaging for the appliance as well as cause food poisoning, deep clean the underneath and legs of cold equipment which can become laden with dust, reach the highest areas in inaccessible kitchens and jet wash grease traps and drains.


Reasons to choose QCC

  •   Cleaning done outside of working hours
  •   Certification provided as proof of clean
  •   Staff certified to use acids and alkaline for deep cleaning
  •   Before and after photos available
  •   Reduction in harmful bacterias
  •   Hard to reach areas covered

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